You Asked, We Answered

What is the T-Shirt Size Measurement?

For the size measurement guide you can see it here.

What is your return and exchange policy?

We do not offer a refund, If you have a problem with the item please contact us at support@redveles.com. For more detail about returns, please see it here.

How long did it take to process the orders?

Production time are between 1-7 business days. Shipping time is depends on the destination.

  • USA      : up to 2 - 5 business days

  • Canada : up to 10 - 30 business days

  • ROW     : up to 10 - 30 business days

What are your payment method?

  • Credit/Debit card payment - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ChinaUnionPay, JCB, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, Electron, and Maestro.

  • Paypal

The most common reason for a credit card being declined is information being entered incorrectly. Please confirm that all information submitted is an exact match for your credit card, including the billing address that your bank has on record for your card. If your still having problems or getting a declined message, please check the following items and steps:

  • Try contacting your bank or credit card provider.

  • If you recently received a new card with a chip, be sure to double-check the CVV code (usually a 3 digit number) on the back.

  • Check your credit card expiration date.

  • Make sure the information under the personal information matches the credit card name, address, postal code, etc.

  • Do not use any autofill settings as this can trigger an error.

  • Try a different credit card.


​We use industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for all credit card information. Feel free to click on the security icons during the checkout process to verify that your information is safe. If you haven't been able to find your order confirmation in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder! If you have checked your spam folder and are still not seeing a confirmation, please contact our customer service team as something may have gone wrong. In order to help you efficiently, please include the following information:

Your name, email address, and payment method (PayPal, credit card, Amazon, etc.)